We’re Looking For Students Who Break The Mold

JMCS is a free alternative charter school where students can get a high school diploma, prepare for a career, and earn an income while they learn. Everything we do — from who we partner with to how we teach — is designed for difference.

We’re just as committed to their futures as you are.

We build partnerships with community members and organizations connected to students who will benefit from our school, including:

  • California public and charter schools
  • Housing authorities
  • Courthouses
  • Adult & juvenile probation
  • Foster care services
  • Community youth organizations
  • Guardians ad litem/court appointed special advocates
  • Current/previous JMCS students
    Individual families

One year as a JMCS student.

At our schools, socio-emotional practice is just as important as math class. Equity policies are just as important as attendance policies. Connecting to a career is just as important as connecting to a community. Here’s how that looks for our students:
  • Day 1: We build in time for students to meet the people they’ll be working and learning with. We walk them through policies and expectations in a low-pressure environment.
  • Week 1: We encourage students to be authentic with us so we can help them develop routines that work. We do everything we can to help them show up one day at a time.
  • Month 1: We work with students individually to identify the skills and credits they need to focus on. Together, we develop achievable goals for their academic and career growth.
  • Year 1: At the end of this year, we facilitate connections between students and future employers and support empowering transitions out of their programs.

Real support every step of the way.

We offer assistance beyond academic and career preparation, including the following resources:

  • Food Assistance Program
  • Financial Assistance
  • Childcare Resources
  • Low/No Cost Housing
  • Transportation Assistance
  • Health/Medical Services
  • Dental Services
  • Eye/Glasses Services
  • Counseling/Mental Health Services
  • Clearing Your Driving Record
  • Paying or Reducing Fines
  • Criminal Record Expungement
  • Court Appointed Community Service

Standing With Partners And Students From Hesitation To Graduation.

Our partners make California a better home for all of us.

Our mission-driven workforce partners make it possible for us to provide students with high quality secondary education and paid job training.

Contact us to connect students to a high school that conforms to them.

We enroll youth and adults who benefit from a low-pressure and inclusive learning environment, personalized secondary education, and paid job training. Contact us to learn how you can give learners who need more than what a traditional school can offer a high school as unconventional as they are.