Local Conservation Corps

Local Conservation Corps

California Association of Local Conservation Corps

The mission of each Local Conservation Corps is to preserve and protect the environment and provide job skills training and educational opportunities to young men and women, primarily ages 18-26.

Each Local Conservation Corps partners with a charter school where corpsmembers can earn their high school diploma or GED and get connected to college and vocational education programs. Corpsmembers are paid stipends and often receive scholarships upon completing their term of service. Local corps provide workforce training, on the job experience and valuable certifications to help corpsmembers move forward in their careers and provide local businesses with a skilled, diverse and enthusiastic workforce.

Local corps are at the forefront of conservation and other innovative community service efforts.

Life as a JMCS student at the Local Conservation Corps

  • Day 1: You might feel uncomfortable and nervous, but we’re thrilled you’re here and will help you get comfortable.
  • Week 1: We’ll focus on embracing discomfort and developing a growth mindset in and out of the classroom. Write about and share your past experiences with school. Take a test that gives us a sense of where you’re at academically and the areas we can target to help you graduate.
  • Month 1: We’ll help you meet and work with your case managers, supervisors, and teachers while progressing toward your academic goals, collaborating with your peers, and building new friendships.
  • Year 1: Celebrate what you’ve accomplished this year and start preparing for your future with teachers and case managers excited and equipped to help you transition to college, trades, or a career.  

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