Michelle Matrisciano

I strive to be the teacher you remember years later… not necessarily for the books we read or the equations we solved, but more so for the life lessons we learned along the way. I chose JMCS because I “get” what it’s like to be misunderstood. I wasn’t always a model student myself, so I can relate to how many of the students feel. You can expect 100%. I will show you that anything and everything is possible and that you’re not alone in the journey.


  • Ready S.E.T OC

Education + Training

  • Masters of Education, La Salle University

Work Experience

  • Retail sales, Roller-skating waitress at a 50’s-themed restaurant, teacher for 24 years

When I’m not working, I’m

trying to be the best “boy mom” I can be…which is challenging because I stink at sports and gaming…the two things my son loves most!