Pete Loetterle

I’m the kind of educator who strives to create relationships of trust and mutual regard in the classroom so that students can experience success in and across all aspects of their lives. I chose John Muir because it provided me a chance to work with corpsmembers. To this day, I continue to learn from them–the stories they tell of their lives and the experiences they carry with them. I hope students can expect a teacher who listens to them and takes their past, present, and future–that is, their memories, experiences, goals, and aspirations–with the utmost regard and care.


  • Fortuna

Work Experience

  • I’ve been a CCC corpsmember, Backcountry Trails corpsmember, fisherman in Alaska, teacher in Ecuador and rural Honduras, and fast-food worker at Kasper’s (with a “K”) in my birthplace of Oakland, CA.

When I’m not working, I’m

spending time with my daughter, swimming in local lakes, reading up on politics, watching South American and European soccer, and volunteering with incarcerated persons in California prisons.