JMCS at Norwalk CCC

What academic support will I get at JMCS at Norwalk CCC?

  • One-on-one interaction with down-to-earth, helpful teachers
  • Ability to work independently, in small groups, or participate in full class direct instruction
  • Counseling and career pathway assistance
  • Eligibility for the Americorps and CCC scholarship program where corpsmembers can earn up to $7,000 yearly toward college
  • Hands on learning 
  • Individual graduation plan
  • College exposure
  • IEP, 504 plans
  • Electives based on your interests and goals
  • Review for credit waiver eligibility 
  • High school diploma

What career preparation will I get at JMCS at Norwalk CCC?

  • Certificates in Blue Card/ Defensive Driving Training, HAZWOPER, Career Development Training, Leadership Training, First Aid, CPR, First Responders, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Water Safety, Serve Safe, Basic Security Awareness and Flood Training
  • Training in Emergency Camp Support, Money Management, Material and Equipment Safety Orientation training, Conservation Awareness Program, Sexual Harassment, Decision Making, Equal Employment Opportunity, Heat Stress, Illness and Injury Prevention, Time Management, Communicable Diseases, Anger Management/ Conflict Resolution and Violence in the Workplace
  • Career-related workshops

How do I enroll at JMCS at Norwalk CCC?

Click below to complete an interest form. We’ll walk you through the process and make sure you get to the JMCS site that best fits your style.