California Conservation Corps

California Conservation Corps

California Conservation Corps

The California Conservation Corps (CCC) is a department within the California Natural Resources Agency. They are the oldest and largest conservation corps in the nation.

The CCC program provides young adults 18 – 25 years old a year of paid service to the State of California. During their year of service, Corpsmembers work on environmental projects and respond to natural and man-made disasters. Through this work, they gain skills and experience that lead to meaningful careers. Their motto is ‘Hard Work, Low Pay, Miserable Conditions and More!’  They are dedicated to developing our Corpsmembers into citizens with character, credentials, and commitment.

Life as a JMCS student at the CCC

  • Day 1: Open yourself up to and accept the literal flood of changes that are coming your way. Volunteer yourself at every opportunity and don’t worry about failing. Seek out and develop connections with veterans on your new crew. They’re the ones who will help you the most in the early going. 
  • Week 1: Repeat to yourself the mantra that COMET is only a week long! Commit yourself to having a solid first day on the grade. Replicate the solid first day through day 3, and you’ll have arrived at Friday with only one more work day left to complete.
  • Month 1: Keep the focus on volunteering yourself as much and as often as possible and listening to the veteran cm’s on your crew. Your C1 will help you over the long-haul. Your crew mates will help you day-in and day-out.
  • Year 1: Arrive at the successful completion of your year. If there are special programs and/or extensions you want to apply for or secure for yourself, this is where your C1 can help you.

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