JMCS at Tahoe CCC

What academic support will I get at JMCS at Tahoe CCC?

  • Collaborative relationship between student and teacher
  • Multi-modal approach to acquiring and demonstrating knowledge
  • Use of Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory, the Keirsey Temperment Sorter, and the Thomas-Killman Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Hands on learning 
  • Individual graduation plan
  • College exposure
  • IEP, 504 plans
  • Electives based on your interests and goals
  • Review for credit waiver eligibility 
  • High school diploma
  • Enrollment with Lake Tahoe Community College in a physical training course and other options, including nutrition and outdoor leadership

What career preparation will I get at JMCS at Tahoe CCC?

  • Coaching for career readiness and transitions to careers within the medical field, agriculture, hospitality, energy or utilities, and other vocational or community college goals
  • Residential program offering rigorous training in public service conservation work and vocational experience; room and board are provided
  • Certifications and training in S-212 Wildland Chainsaw, Red Card, CPR-First Aid, DMV Class C & B Training, Blue Card Training/Flood Training, HAZWOPER, Advance HAZWOPER
  • Backcountry Trails Program involving five and a half months of trail building, restoration, and maintenance far from the conveniences of modern life and deep into the country
  • Career-related workshops

How do I enroll at JMCS at Tahoe CCC?

Click below to complete an interest form. We’ll walk you through the process and make sure you get to the JMCS site that best fits your style.